I provide a wide range of services relating to business contracts. These include:

+ Direct negotiation on behalf of clients

+ Advice to clients regarding negotiation of contracts

+ Planning of negotiation strategies

+ Drafting original contracts

+ Reviewing contracts drafted by others

+ Providing responses to draft contracts written by others by reviewing, revising and redrafting contracts to better fit my clients’ needs

+ Reviewing contracts my clients have already signed to help clients understand what rights they have under those contracts, what rights other parties to the contract have and what restrictions those contracts may place upon my clients

+ Reviewing contracts to help my clients understand whether other parties are faithfully performing their contractual responsibilities

+ Reviewing contracts my clients may have signed without having a full understanding of their consequences to determine whether the contracts or the behavior of other parties may allow my clients to void, avoid or neuter one or more contract provisions

+ Assisting litigation counsel in preparing and pursing actions to enforce or void contracts. While I litigated many contracts earlier in my career, I no longer represent clients as lead counsel in litigation matters.

I am able to provide these services for many different types of contracts. Currently, I have a particular interest in contracts authors sign, including contracts with publishers and agents. If you have any question about whether I am able to provide particular types of services, please contact me and I will respond promptly.

Flat Fee Services

I provide some services on a flat fee basis for authors who are considering contracts or already have signed publication agreements with publishers or agency agreements with literary agents.

Click here to find out more about Flat Fee Services. Click here to see a Sample Retainer Agreement for Flat Fee Services.

Click here for the Services and Fees FAQ.

Retainer/Hourly Fees

I also provide a wide variety of services on a standard retainer/hourly fee basis.

I am happy to discuss any of my charges and services at no obligation. If you have any questions, please contact me.