Supplemental Curriculum Vitae

Bar Association/Legal Activities

Member of the ABA (American Bar Association) Coordinating Commission on Legal Technology
Member, Missouri Court Automation Committee – This statutorily-created
Committee was charged with designing and constructing a system to automate case management in all Missouri courts.
Chair of The Missouri Bar General Practice Committee
Chair of the Computer Interest Group of the ABA General Practice Section
Member of the Board of Directors of Legal Aid of Southwest Missouri

Legal Writing (partial list)

Computer Bug Bites Judiciary: As more courtrooms go online, productivity rewards go up, ABA Journal, March, 1996

Be Comfortable, Get Organized: Ergonomic keyboard and case-management system stress ease of use, ABA Journal, February, 1996

Windows 95 in Love-Hate Debut: Lawyers say the system has initial problems but is worth it in long run, ABA Journal, January, 1996

News of the World Now on the Net: Internet offers new Web sites as CNN, major newspapers go online, ABA Journal, December, 1995

Crash Courses to Better Computing: The right how-to books can help lawyers to achieve online productivity, ABA Journal, November, 1995

Clean Up Your Act: Two types of software can help to organize a practice by reducing clutter, ABA Journal, October, 1995

A Storehouse of Resources: From federal legislation to Supreme Court decisions to state codes, the Internet can provide practical help for almost every lawyer, ABA Journal, September, 1995 (cover story)

Some Just Don’t Do Windows: Dedicated enthusiasts of the Macintosh insist it’s easier, more fun to use, ABA Journal, September, 1995

Buying Right the First Time: For novice computer purchasers, here are some money-smart guidelines, ABA Journal, July, 1995

Toward a Paperless Office, ABA Journal, July, 1995

Marketing in Cyberspace: From large firms to solos, lawyers are making rain on the Internet, ABA Journal, July, 1995

New Solutions From Old Software: Save money, time by expanding the capabilities of existing applications, ABA Journal, June, 1995

Who’s Been Reading Your Email?: Two easy-to-use tools can protect privacy, integrity of documents, ABA Journal, May, 1995

Overcoming the Billing Bugaboo: A timely approach to charging clients can enhance revenue, reputation, ABA Journal, April, 1995

Survival of the Techno-Savvy: Electronic communication for lawyers will be vital in a computerized future, ABA Journal, March, 1995

Hanging Ten on the Internet: The computer network grid gives lawyers answers quickly and cheaply, ABA Journal, February, 1995

Shortcuts to Productivity: These time-savers can streamline the operations of any law office, ABA Journal, January, 1995

Organization Plus: From to-do lists to calendars, PIMs can keep you on track, ABA Journal, December, 1994

Keeping Track: Information management need not require dedicated software, ABA Journal, November, 1994

Faster Than Fast: Letting the computer assemble your documents puts you in the race, ABA Journal, October, 1994

Five Ways to Commit Malpractice with Your Computer, Law Practice Management, October, 1994

Talking Heads: Voice-activated legal research turns the keyboard-shy into bold pros, ABA Journal, September, 1994

Opening the Computer Door: A real estate firm helps clients and attracts new ones with its information network, ABA Journal, August, 1994

The Technophobe in the Corner Office: Lawyers who hate computers can change in ‘byte-size’ lessons, ABA Journal, July, 1994

Securing Your Data: From honest mistakes to sabotage to viruses, computer files are subject to mishaps that could ruin a case — or a practice, ABA Journal, June, 1994

Electronic Avenues: These practice accessories will help put you on the road to efficiency, ABA Journal, June, 1994

Take My Breath Away: A law firm’s computers make it a winner in DWI defense, ABA Journal, May, 1994

Newest, Hottest High-Tech: Vendors exhibit lawyer-friendly software and products, ABA Journal, May, 1994

Instant Accountant: Spreadsheets take the mystery out of complex calculations, ABA Journal, April, 1994

First Word on Tomorrow, ABA Journal, March, 1994

Wired for Law: How the software giant’s counsel gets a boost from computers, ABA Journal, March, 1994

Taking the computer cure: Office automation allows firms to be competitive, regardless of size, ABA Journal, December, 1993

Courtable Portables: Rating Notebooks Under Trial Conditions, ABA Journal, April, 1993

Offline, a regular column in Law Office Computing magazine.

The Electronic Lawyer, a column which appeared in The Compleat Lawyer

Founding Editor, GP/PC, a newsletter published by the ABA General Practice Section

Founding Editor, Legal Computing, a newsletter published by The Missouri Bar General Practice Committee